Bolton Hill Notes

BHCA calls for removal or explanation of 3 public monuments

BHCA’s board this month gave final approval to nearly two years of committee work and recommendations for action on three historic markers on public space in the neighborhood. Without objection, it voted to:

  • Remove the plinth on the west side of Mt. Royal Avenue which once held an elaborate monument honoring the “Lost Cause” and the Confederate soldiers and sailors who fought for it. Installed a half-century after the Civil War, the plinth originally was the pedestal for a bronze statue of a winged woman (Glory) clutching a wounded soldier in one arm and upholding a laurel wreath in the other. It was removed by city workers in 2017.
  • Install an interpretive plaque adjacent to the Francis Scott Key monument installed on Eutaw Place a century ago. The plaque would offer historical context for the monument memorializing the man who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner.
  • Remove a plaque that was installed in a Park Avenue grassy spot by a long-perished garden club in 1935. It honored at his death William L. Marbury, a distinguished but publicly racist lawyer and neighborhood leader.

Committee chairman David Nyweide said he would consult with city council member Eric Costello about how best to go forward since public properties are involved.

Thanks again to Home Depot . . . 

Bolton Hill has 6,000 new spring bulbs – daffodils, tulips and the like – dozing in tree wells and other public spaces around the neighborhood. Watch for them in April. 

The big box store donated the bulbs to BHCA’s busy Greening Committee and volunteers in the community planted them around not only Bolton Hill but also in Madison Park to the west, collaborating with the Madison Park Improvement Association. It was the third consecutive year Home Depot made bulbs and gardening support available.

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