Garden Club has $$$. Apply now

The Bolton Hill Garden Club’s 2023 Greening Grants program is accepting grant proposals through March 1.

The grants are designed to create and improve public green spaces to beautify the Bolton Hill community. The cut-off date is earlier than in prior years to ensure that awarded funds are available for spring planting. Garden club grants fund the planting and maintenance of neighborhood parks, public green space and tree wells. 

Priority projects focus on the planting of perennial flowers and native plants, shrubbery and trees, and related gardening materials. Hardscape or labor costs to enlarge, prepare or contain gardening spaces, such as in the case of tree wells, will be considered. All projects proposed for Bolton Hill are eligible. Previous awards have ranged from $60 to over $1,300; last year, the club granted a total of $5,000.

Grants will be announced by April 1. The club is hosting a greening briefing on Feb. 11th at 4 pm at Unity Hall.  More information, including the Greening Grant application and Frequently Asked Questions, can be found at the garden club website. Please direct questions to Bonnie Legro.