State gives neighborhoods $62,767 to start Green Street project

The State of Maryland has awarded $62,767 to BHCA and two adjacent community associations to start work on renovating Mounds Park – a kickoff to the Green Street Concept Plan for the 1400-1500 blocks of the Eutaw Place Median, Mosher Plaza and Mounds Park on the west side of Eutaw.

The grant from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development is part of a program to deter crime and promote community safety in Madison Park, Historic Marble Hill and Bolton Hill. Jim Prost and Lee Tawney of BHCA’s Greening Committee led the proposal development in collaboration with leaders of the Madison Park Improvement Association and Historic Marble Hill Community Association.

Mounds Park is located at 1402 Eutaw Place and has seen in recent months an uptick in crime, drug use, homelessness, graffiti and trash in the surrounding area, the organizations told the state agency. Eutaw Place is the western boundary for Bolton Hill and has historically functioned as a “red line” racial and social divide running from North Avenue south to Dolphin Street. The Green Street Plan intends to reduce that perception by rehabilitating and maintaining trees and gardens, lighting, fencing and green space and installing litter removal equipment along both sides of that divide.

BHCA will manage the grant. Midtown Community Benefits District has agreed to assist with safety and maintenance operations.

The grant is part of nearly $10 million in grant awards through the State’s Community Safety Works program to more than 150 business districts, neighborhood associations, local governments and nonprofit organizations across Maryland. It expands the outgoing governor’s “Re-Fund The Police” Initiative.