Construction Update—Dolphin Building, Madison Park North, John Edgar Howard RC

Over the winter, major progress was made on various construction projects around the neighborhood.

Crews demolished the old Dolphin Building near the Mt. Royal light rail stop, and a new MICA building is rising in its place.

Dolphin after
MICA’s newest building at Dolphin and Mt. Royal takes shape.
Dolphin before
The Dolphin Building disappears, as the site is readied for a new MICA building.









To our north, demolition is well underway on the large Madison Park North site, that encompasses more than 3 full blocks between Linden and Park on the north side of North Avenue.

MPN before
View in February of the Madison Park North complex, from Bolton St. north across North Ave.
MPN after
The site’s new look on March 29.









The John Edgar Howard Recreation Center site is also being redeveloped, so the area under construction is even larger. The vacated center sits in the middle of the construction-site photo below. (click to enlarge)

Looking north from North Avenue near Eutaw, you can see most of the site.