Neighborhood News Briefs

The Bulletin Beefs Up 

Please welcome two new writers to the Bulletin volunteer staff: Gretta Brueck, who wrote the piece on Chainlines last month, and Claire Weber, who edited the Samaritan Community article in this month’s issue. We hope to see lots more of their work in upcoming issues.

The Bulletin could always use additional volunteers, including reporters, photographers, writers, and editors. If interested, please email us at

Changing MRIA’s Tax Status  

In order to allow tax-deductible contributions, MRIA is looking into changing the organization’s tax status from a 501(c)4 to a 501(c)3. We will keep membership informed on this effort.

Inaccurate Water Billing

At the March MRIA meeting, Larry Nunley from the Department of Public Works discussed recent changes to the city’s water bills. Being new to his post, Mr. Nunley wants to ensure that any concerns about water and other public works issues are addressed quickly. 

He encouraged everyone to reach out to him directly if they encounter a public works-related issue. You can either email him at or call his cell, 443-534-5074. (If it’s an emergency, always call 911.)

He explained that the DPW are installing new water meters that they are Wi-Fi-connected. As the new system comes online, it may initially create inaccurate bills.  He encouraged everyone to examine their bills to make sure it isn’t a duplicate. 

As billing switches from a quarterly to monthly cycle, consumers will find the new bills more transparent, as the fees for infrastructure, storm water, and the bay recovery are listed separately. Should you notice unusual charges, make an appointment with DPW to figure out whether your bill is higher than average.

Share Your Bolton Hill Story

At the March MRIA meeting, Single Carrot Theatre Artistic Director Genevieve de Mahy announced that they are creating a show called Promenade Baltimore. In June, Single Carrot will take the company on a bus to collect stories from the streets and neighborhoods of the city we all love.

She is looking for Bolton Hill residents to share and record stories to be played while the bus drives through our neighborhood. If you have a story to tell, contact our neighborhood liaison, Steven Skerritt-Davis, at

Terracotta detailing on Robert Street.
Terracotta detailing on Robert Street.

Terracotta Project

Don’t forget the Architectural Terracotta Residency project that will be happening at MICA from May 27 to June 17.

Bolton Hill residents are invited to submit photographs of historic architectural stones in or on their homes, along with stories or histories relevant to their home’s architecture. These will provide context for the artists’ consideration during the residency.

Please send photos and other submissions with your name to professor Mat Karas at with the subject heading “Bolton Hill Terracotta Project.”

You can also become a partner with MICA and the Bolton Hill ceramic residency by making a gift in support of the project at or by calling 410-225-4259.