In Brief: Bulletin's Summer Schedule & Police Reports

Downy Oshun circa 1960
Downy Oshun circa 1960

This summer, we will be producing a single July/August issue which will be published on July 22.

We will return to our usual monthly schedule for the September issue, which will be out at the beginning of the month.

We are all responsible for the safety of our neighborhood. So, if you see any suspicious activity, please call 911.

When an officer responds, get their name and always request that they take a police report or “complaint” for the incident.

BCPD Foot Patrol 2016
BCPD Foot Patrol 2016

Then, take down the complaint number from the Officer, and pass it on to the MRIA Safety Committee at

This number allows MRIA and the BPD to find previous crime in their system should there be a similar call later on.

Enjoy the summer!

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