Leaf Collection Season Has Begun

Leaf PickupBy Bill Hamilton

The city’s Department of Public Works will collect leaves from city residents through Monday, January 8. Leaves can be collected in two ways:

Weekly trash pick-up: Bagged leaves are collected on regularly scheduled trash collection days. DPW’s solid waste crews will accept up to 5 bags of leaves from each address every week.

By appointment: Larger collections of bagged leaves, up to 20 bags, will be picked up by appointment on Mondays during the leaf collection season, Oct. 30–Jan. 8. Please call 311 before 6 p.m. on Sunday to arrange a leaf collection for the following Monday. Residents may schedule multiple appointments for up to two months prior to the pick-up date. Multiple appointments may be scheduled until all of your bagged leaves are collected.

Midtown Baltimore, the Midtown Community Benefits District covering Bolton Hill as well as Mt. Vernon, Charles North and Madison Park neighborhoods, has begun regular sweeps through the neighborhoods to vacuum leaves on roads and sidewalks. Leaf vacuuming will take place at least weekly for the remainder of the year and into 2018. If additional attention is needed, one can call Midtown Baltimore at 410 528-1512 for scheduling.