Meet Albert: Taking a Healthy Approach to Future Success

Samaritan Community, Albert's food
Albert’s healthy meal prepared from Samaritan’s food pantry.

By Emily Reichart

Albert came to Samaritan Community in the spring of 2016. He was finishing his education to become a medical assistant and needed help with food and rent while he worked for his degree.

“I’d never had to receive help like this before and was very nervous about the process,” he explained. “A friend referred me to Samaritan and I am so glad he did. As soon as I walked in the door, I felt comfortable and respected. I knew I was in good hands.”

Being a vegetarian, he was nervous about receiving food from a pantry and what would be available for him.

“I assumed that a food pantry would have limited offerings. Wow, was I surprised! The quality and variety of the foods is more than I could have ever hoped for,” recalls Albert.

Since his first visit to Samaritan, Albert has successfully finished his studies and is currently doing administrative work for two medical employers, as he waits to take his exam to become a licensed medical assistant. Everyone at Samaritan is proud of Albert and all he has accomplished.