We Need You! Join the Bulletin Team

72-06-10 masthead
An early Bulletin masthead from June 1972

By Co-editors Jean Lee Cole and Peter Van Buren

Faithful readers of the Bulletin have no doubt witnessed our growth over the past few years. To help sustain this new, bigger, more colorful, and better Bulletin, the MRIA Executive Board seeks to expand the Bulletin production team. 

With the help of a few more neighbors, one of Baltimore’s longest continually-running neighborhood newsletters can continue to serve the community by broadcasting news and telling our stories.

We seek to fill the following roles:

Managing Editor (total time commitment: 7-10 hours per month, concentrated between the 15th and 25th of each month).

In the middle of each month, the Managing Editor sends an email reminder to the list of regular contributors soliciting submissions, and then collects and organizes submissions as they come in and distribute to the Editor and the Calendar Editor as needed. The Managing Editor works with the Editor to finalize the stories that will run in each issue and uploads draft copy into individual WordPress stories. Skills required: strong organizational skills; ability to collaborate and function as liaison between writers, editor, and MRIA leadership; proficiency with WordPress (easy to learn). Understanding of journalistic style and how to construct stories a plus.

Calendar Editor (total time commitment: 2-4 hours per month, concentrated during the last week of the month).

The Calendar Editor ensures that calendar listings (approx. 10 items per month) contain all necessary information for each event, including date, time, location, and event description. He or she will upload the events to the Bulletin website using the calendar plug-in in WordPress. 
Skills required: strong organizational skills; ability to edit for brevity, clarity, and consistency; proficiency with WordPress (easy to learn).

Business Manager (total time commitment: 10-15 hours per year, concentrated between October-January).

The Business Manager solicits renewals for sponsorship contracts in October of each year; finds new sponsors if necessary; bills all sponsors for the membership year beginning Jan. 1; and ensures that invoices have been paid. 
Skills required: organizational and people skills; knowledge of neighborhood businesses and organizations.

These new members of the production team will assist Peter and Jean, who will continue in their roles as Editor (Peter) and Production Editor (Jean). The Editor is responsible for leading the publication, conveying its general attitude and tone, and determining what content is and is not appropriate for the Bulletin. The Production Editor copyedits all articles for both style and substance, edits images for optimal effect for online publication, and updates the website menus and archives with the publication of each issue.

If you have the time and skills to contribute to the cause, email us at bhbeditormail@gmail.com.