Progress on “Park Ave Unity” improvements

Landscape architecture firm EnviroCollab hosted a second community input session on Nov. 5 to solicit feedback on a pair of possible designs for the lot at the southeast corner of Park and North Avenues, one of several gateways to Bolton Hill.

Both draft designs highlighted features requested by neighbors during a first discussion in October: open sight lines and new lighting for safety, flexible space to accommodate different kinds of use, and physical elements like plantings and berms to protect the space from traffic along North Avenue.

Residents attending the session overwhelmingly favored the “Ribbon” design pictured here, which included additional seating for the corner bus stop and stormwater management features including curb cuts to allow runoff from Park Avenue to infiltrate specially designed planting beds during storms.

The redesign of 1743 Park Avenue is within a three-part project envisioned by neighbors to enliven this intersection. In addition to greening and improving 1743 Park Ave, “Park Ave Unity” includes new murals for both north-facing facades at 1741 and 1758 Park Avenue and a MICA-designed bus shelter. Both murals are scheduled for installation in early 2021 and an initial set of ideas for the shelter were presented by MICA students in October.

Helping to organize and fundraise for this effort are the owners of the two properties adjoining the intersection in Bolton Hill, Alex Aaron and Anthony Butler.

Aaron added: “It’s been a pleasure to work closely with the Bolton Hill Community Association on this transformation initiative. I think it is safe to say that we are all excited to reinvigorate the corner of Park and North avenues. Thank you to everyone who has participated in feedback sessions and or donated to the project.”

A final concept for the 1743 Park Avenue lot will be delivered by EnviroCollab in December, reflecting additional feedback provided by neighbors, and this will be used to identify sources of support for construction. Updates and opportunities to volunteer, donate and help shape these projects are available at

EnviroCollab’s recorded presentation and slide deck are both available at

– Chris Kingsley