Shining new light on Maple Leaf Park

Maple Leaf Park is tucked away at the north end of Bolton Hill and cherished by those who know how to find it. Residents around the park have taken special care over the years to enhance its landscaping, with help from the Midtown greening crew to sustain it.
The park’s latest enhancement is the installation of four new classic Bolton Hill lamp posts in early May. They replaced old 40-foot lamp posts designed more for a parking lot than a park. The new LED lamps emanate light laterally, improving the safety of the park beneath the tree canopy and greatly improve its aesthetic appeal.

A Maple Leaf Park fund held by the Bolton Hill Community Association made possible the purchase of the lamp posts, which were installed by the City Parks and Recreation Department.
To see them for yourself, look for one of the discreet entrances to the park through alleyways off Laurens Street and Bolton and Robert Streets.