Stoop Party for the Schools on May 13

Stoop Party for schools5/12/17 – Due to the prediction of really lousy weather on Saturday, the Social Action Task Force has sadly decided to cancel this year’s Stoop Party with a Purpose. Please help us spread the word so that our friends do not brave the rain for nothing.

We encourage neighbors to bring donations to Boltonstock on June 3, and drop them off at the SATF table. Cash, credit card and check donations can be accepted at the booth. Please make checks payable to “MRIA”, and put “SATF School Fund” in the memo.

We all like a good party. And we all like to do good. The SATF’s Parties with a Purpose combine these to double the fun.

Get your share of double delight by coming out for this year’s first Stoop Party with a Purpose on Saturday, May 13, 11 am to 1 pm, at the Gazebo in the 1700 block of Linden Avenue (between Sav-a-Lot and Sumpter Park). RSVP on Facebook.

Mingle with your neighbors while enjoying wine, beer, soft drinks, and the ever-popular Bloody Mary Bar. The event is free, but donations are encouraged. 100% of all donations go to support our neighborhood schools as they face a critical budget deficit.

Linden Gazebo
Linden St. gazebo.

Donations will be shared among three schools: Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary, Mt. Royal Elementary/Middle, and Midtown Academy. Each school has selected a special program that will be supported by the donations. Midtown, for example, will use the funds to support their CREW morning sharing and learning activity for students in grades 6-8.

Organizers suggest a donation of at least $10/person or a ream of paper. (Or both!) Believe it or not, paper supplies cost each school about $10,000 per year. The goal is to build a paper tower by the gazebo.

Representatives from all three schools will be on hand to talk about their programs, along with Karen DeCamp, Baltimore Education Coalition’s Director of Neighborhood Programs. She will update partygoers on BEC’s efforts to find longterm solutions for school funding.