The Bulletin turns 45!

The Bolton Hill Bulletin is entering its 45th year of publication, and in this milestone year, we have decided to move online. Doing so will allow us to include more images, longer articles, and different kinds of features, which we hope will help us broadcast more widely and more effectively all the great things about Bolton Hill.

For example, our first online issue features a much more complete and interactive calendar (accessible through a link in the top menu bar), which will be updated with all MRIA- and neighborhood-related events. Also check out the photo gallery accompanying Darma Kamenetz’s article on the renovation of the former Strawbridge Methodist Church (photos taken by neighbor Kellie Welborn), as well as links to Baltimore Heritage’s articles about the demolition of Freedom House in nearby Marble Hill and the preservation of Civil Rights-era buildings in Baltimore.

In honor of our 45th anniversary, as well as our move to online publication, we are collecting back issues for an online archive on this website. Please contact the editors if you have any old issues lying around, and help preserve the history of Bolton Hill.

Bolton Hill streetscape by Tim Goecke, used as the masthead for the Bolton Hill Bulletin for many years.
Bolton Hill streetscape by Tim Goecke, used as the masthead for the Bolton Hill Bulletin for many years.

We’d like to thank all the people who have kept the Bulletin going over the years: previous editors Judith McFadden, Penny Katzen, and Nancy Verkerke, our printer, Rob Dickerson, and volunteer designers, ad managers, artists, writers, and editors including Joan Garlow, Brande Neese, Tim Goecke, and Sally Maulsby.

We are planning to publish a brief and not-too-serious history of the Bulletin in our February issue. What stories or features do you recall from the Bulletin? Did you ever grace its pages–either as an author or a subject? We’d love to hear from readers about how the Bulletin has– and hasn’t– served Bolton Hill over the past four-and-a-half decades. Write to the editors, Peter Van Buren and Jean Lee Cole, if you have a story to share.

And if you have ideas about new features you’d like to see in the new online Bulletin— neighbor profiles? restaurant reviews? photographic features?– give us a holler!