The Power of a Good Samaritan: Tamika’s Story

by Peter Dunn

In July of 2012 Tamika was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. She had a fiancée and two young children. During the five months she underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments, she lost her job and then her apartment. In the midst of this crisis, Tamika found The Samaritan Community. They helped Tamika with food and clothing and gave her the encouragement and support she badly needed. She was overwhelmed by the love and support she received.

In 2014 things were looking up for Tamika. After recovering from her treatments, Tamika returned to work as a geriatric nurse. She was living with her two children and fiancée when he suddenly died from a heart attack. Once again, The Samaritan Community was there for her. “They just wouldn’t let me give up,” she said, looking back on that dark time. “They loved me and stood by me no matter what!”

Tamika is a survivor and is raising her two children while working full time as a licensed geriatric nurse. The Samaritan Community is deeply proud of Tamika and all she has accomplished

The Samaritan Community is based in Bolton Hill. Go to their website to see how you might get involved.