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Waverly Farmers' Market
Waverly Farmers’ Market

Joyful news! As the weather warms and good things start to sprout, the farmers’ markets open up for the season.

Get your share of the bounty at its freshest and most delicious. In the process, you’ll support the local farms that do all the hard work with loving care.

Here are the five closest markets to our neighborhood. One goes year round and the rest will be starting up real soon. Yummy!

32nd Street (Waverly) Farmers’ Market is open year-round, every Saturday, 7 am–noon, 400 E. 32nd St. west of Greenmount Ave.

Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar, the area’s biggest farmers’ market, opens this month. Runs every Sunday, April to December, 7 am–noon, Saratoga and Holliday Sts. under the JFX.

Druid Hill Farmers’ Market, next to the Rawlings Conservatory in nearby Druid Hill Park, runs every Wednesday, June to September, 3:30–7:30 pm.

State Center Community Farmers’ Market is within walking distance from Bolton Hill and is managed by neighbor Debi Celnik, who tells us Zeke’s Coffee is a new addition this year. Every Wednesday, May to November, 9:30 am–2 pm, at State Center, 201 West Preston St.

Whitelock Community Farm Stand—AND the farm—are right next door in Reservoir Hill, every Saturday, May to November, 10 am–1 pm, corner of Whitelock & Brookfield.