Hope Forward Helps Foster Youth

HopeFoward 1Neighbor Patricia Rice spoke at the recent SATF Stoop Party about Hope Forward. She is a youth mentor in their program.

Hope Forward connects transitioning foster youth (ages 17-25) with life-skills resources and long-term solutions, empowering them to create systemic change through leadership and advocacy.

Founded in 2008, the purpose of Hope Forward is to help youth make a successful transition from foster care to independence.

Since these youths have been wards of the state for most or all of their lives, they often haven’t mastered the life skills they need when they age out of the system.

This is where Hope Forward steps in, acting as a resource for housing, employment, educational resources, job training, supportive mentoring and networking, and sometimes a safe haven for homeless youth.

A non-profit organization, Hope Forward welcomes tax deductible charity donations—make them online here. They also seek job placement opportunities for their clients and volunteers to mentor the youths. Please contact Patricia Rice, 313-617-0230 or pat.della [at] hotmail.com.