MICA Reveals the History of Prints and Posters Behind the Dolphin Building

Dolphin Building

Students from MICA’s Globe Poster Remix course collaborated with acclaimed street artist POSE to create an outdoor mural on the college’s notable Dolphin Building, near the Mt. Royal Light Rail station.

The artwork is a call and response from POSE to the students to consider the building’s history within the college’s community and the greater Bolton Hill community.

Under the guidance of Globe Poster Collection faculty members, students created a mixed-media piece encompassing a white strip that runs the length of the Dolphin Building, compounded by “Globe style” posters designed and printed by students, each representing a saying, slogan, or proverb that relates to printmaking or the history of the Dolphin Building. These posters were wheat-pasted to the white strip, and additional materials were collaged on coroplast board and attached on top.

POSE then completed the installation with his signature painting style.

Since MICA has plans underway to replace the Dolphin Building with a new building, this large outdoor mural is temporary, but it will remain on display until the building is demolished.

The Chicago-based street artist POSE was an artist-in-residence at MICA from Tuesday, April 5 through Saturday, April 9. Previously, he worked with the historic Globe Collection and Press at MICA in 2014 on Hello Kitty Con, when they were tapped to design and print three limited-edition posters celebrating the iconic character’s 40th anniversary.