Renew Your MRIA Membership

MRIA logoBy MRIA Membership Chair, Susan Haun

Spring is the time for Membership renewal. If you are not yet a MRIA member or have not renewed for this year, please consider doing so online here. It’s easy and quick.

Why is it important to become a member of the Mount Royal Improvement Association? Because the MRIA is the neighborhood organization that helps make Bolton Hill the great place that it is.

Do you ever wonder why Bolton Hill’s parks and medians look so welcoming?  It’s because very generous neighbors put in a lot of personal time, energy and money to make it happen. MRIA helps pay for some of the costlier supplies that these neighbors use to keep our green areas well maintained.

MRIA provides a forum to resolve conflicts within the neighborhood and, if necessary, funds for legal resources.

The organization hosts an annual crab feast to thank the police officers and fire fighters who keep us safe and the Midtown Community Benefits District crew who keep us green and clean. The majority of this party’s expenses are paid for by neighbors, but MRIA subsidizes the event each year.

MRIA helps support the annual summer concert that brings our neighborhood together, as well as the annual neighborhood meeting in May. Plus, the Association makes small monetary contributions to other events and projects in the neighborhood that benefit all.

Last but not least, MRIA produces the Bolton Hill Bulletin each month.

Annual dues are very low—only $20 for tenants and $30 for homeowners.

Thanks to all those neighbors who are currently members, along with a special thanks for those who contribute extra dollars toward their favorite projects. If you are not yet a member or have not renewed for this year, you can do so online here.

If you have moved into the neighborhood in 2016, you are welcome to a complimentary first-year membership. You will also receive an invitation to the annual New Neighbor Party. As a member, you will receive an email with each issue of the Bolton Hill Bulletin, MRIA’s monthly newsletter.

If you are unsure if your membership is current, please check for your address on this list.  Organized alphabetically by street name, this lists the addresses for all residents who have paid their 2016 MRIA dues as of April 29.

Questions? Email Susan at smhaun65 [at]