Help the Samaritans Support People Like Erika

Erika and her children
Erika and her children

Erika is a hard worker who needed help to get herself and her three young sons into an apartment, and on the right track. Just a few months ago, she had a low-paying job and, along with her children, had to sleep on sofas of different friends. So when Erika heard about Samaritan Community, she came to them as a last hope.

Through their new Housing Stability Pilot Program, they helped Erika pay for a security deposit for a safe, clean apartment for her family, which is near her two older sons’ school and right next door to her youngest son’s daycare. Samaritan also helped Erika by providing fresh groceries and a bus pass that enables her to get to a new, better-paying job.

“I was able to land this much better job because of the stability 
of having an apartment for my family. It’s almost impossible to keep a job when you don’t have a car and you are moving constantly,” Erika says. “In no time, Sharon became like a second mother to me. She saw the best in me and my boys, and wanted us to succeed as much as we did. That meant everything to us!”

Erika’s story, and so many others, are made possible by generosity of Samaritan’s supporters.

For our neighbors living in crisis, The Samaritan Community provides basic necessities and much more. They work continuously to expand the depth and breadth of their services to make the biggest possible impact on their members’ lives. During the past year, they

  • Helped members facing multiple, complex challenges through the Farnham-Krieger Endowment Fund.
  • Established a Housing Stability Pilot Program, helping more families keep a roof over their heads.
  • Created a computer workroom, enabling members to do job searches, school work, and more.
  • Distributed over 7,000 bags of healthy groceries, provided 1,200 hours in individual and group support, and gave more than $25,000 in emergency financial assistance.

Please consider donating to The Samaritan Community this season. A gift of $500 will keep the heat on this winter for a family of five, while a gift of $100 will feed a parent and child for a month.