Seeking A Few Great Sponsors

sponsorsAs we roll into 2017, the Bolton Hill Bulletin has a few openings for new sponsors. If your business or organization is interested in reaching, as well as supporting, our neighborhood, please consider becoming one of our 24 sponsors.

In the past year, advertisements on the Bulletin website were displayed between between 400–1,200 times each day, varying widely depending on the time of month. On release dates at the beginning of each month, the number of ad views have exceeded 2,000.

Compare this online advertising to the number of views possible in our printed newsletter (discontinued in 2016), which was distributed to just a few hundred subscribers once per month, read once or a few times, and then discarded.

Since Bulletin readers can access all of the articles, event listings, neighborhood news and past issues anytime they want – 24/7— it doesn’t take much figuring to see how much potential exposure your business or organization will receive by supporting the online Bulletin.

Truly, this is a win for everyone, as you will be supporting both the Bulletin and the work of the Mount Royal Improvement Association.

What’s the Deal?

Each sponsor’s individual ad rotates randomly into the four ad spaces that appear in the right hand column of each web page. A different set of ads appears in the ad spaces each time a web page is opened by a reader, so each business or organization gets an equal share of views.

Since we limit the total number of sponsors to a maximum of 24, on average, your ad will appear on every 6th page opened by any visitor. Plus, each ad provides a clickable link directly to your website, so that readers can find more information about you.

The Bulletin‘s main menu, which appears at the top of the page, prominently displays the link to our Sponsors’ Page, with an alphabetical listing of all our sponsors. Each sponsor’s listing can include contact information, a short tagline or description and an additional link to their website. This listing basically functions as a second ad for no extra charge.

In 2017, we are also adding a new feature. Each issue will include a Meet Our Sponsors post that will highlight one or two of our sponsors. The editors will work with you to craft a short piece that introduces your business or organization to our readers by highlighting your work.

Our rates remain the same for 2017 as they have been for years, $180/year for a full-size ad in all eleven issues and a full year of online presence, providing great value for your advertising dollar.

If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact the editors at for more information.