Support for Our Neighborhood Farm

Canning workshop at WhiteLock Community Farm
Canning workshop at Whitelock Community Farm.

As the growing season ends, Whitelock Community Farm in Reservoir Hill finishes off another busy year. Their 2016 accomplishments include:

  • Growing 5,000 pounds of organic produce that was sold to neighbors through 60 Saturday farm stands and mobile markets.
  • Diverting 2,400 gallons of food scraps from the landfill through their community composting program, while producing nutrient-rich organic “fertilizer” to replenish the farm’s soil.
  • Providing job training for six local youths through their summer internship program.
  • Engaging the local community in farming and healthy outdoor work through 30 volunteer days.
  • Organizing and hosting four community workshops, five neighborhood potlucks, three movie nights and their annual Harvest Festival.

These numbers only tell part of the story. The farm helps make the 21217 neighborhood stronger and more vibrant by building bridges across racial and socio-economic barriers through the simple joys of good, healthy food and positive community activity.


Learning about composting
Learning about composting at Whitelock Farm.

In this season of giving, we encourage you to help their efforts. Please consider donating to their annual fundraising campaign—even $5 goes a long way. And spread the word to others who might be interested in supporting our neighborhood farm.

Read more about Whitelock Community Farm in this Bulletin article from May 2016.